90-Day BOOST your BIZ
with Luly B.


Does this sound like you?

I love what I do, but I really need to make more money……….Nobody I talk to about my product/service “gets it.”……….I would like to make more money, but not sure how to make it happen……….I hate selling……….I am so tired……….If I make money this month, it was just pure luck, I had nothing to do with it……….I get lost in the paperwork and administrative tasks…I want to do what I love, not all the other “stuff”



I’ve designed a 90-day program that guarantees immediate results for your business and your life!

In fact, you’ll make your investment back…and then some!
During our time together, we will create a framework for your life
and how your business works around what you really want.
- Align with your WHY - Access the right tools - Package your pricing and offering

Nothing lights me up more than seeing a woman step into her power and deliver the impact she was born to make in this world.
You’ll get to experience that Luly B. magic where you literally unload ALL OF IT and then allow me to facilitate your greatness.


Develop the mindset, systems and accountability
to have the business and life you love!



We can create all the plans but if we don’t have the mindset, we have nothing. I will hear all about what inspires you and why you do what you do. We will work on shifting perspectives and perceptions. Then, we will create your boundaries, your non-negotiables, and your inspiration plan that will help you stay committed to your purpose.



We will create the full process from the time you meet someone, make a powerful connection, convert him/her to a client and maintain that relationship long-term - all while working around your lifestyle and family priorities. Includes: sales conversations, time management, processes, and tools and apps to support you in making it all happen.



I am so committed to seeing you through in success. I will help you see where you’re holding back, where you shine, and how to share your gifts with this world. I will guide you step-by-step in creating your plan, your deliverables and help you make more money holding you accountable to your purpose.


Because this is a completely customizable package, my time and work with you
will be highly personalized and tailored just for you,
your circumstances, your priorities and your business.
Working together will look like some, all or a combination of some of these:

  • 2-hour in-person strategy sessions

  • Map out your systems on a white board or on a table with post-its

  • Sit with you and set up apps for calendars, phone calls, invoicing and more

  • Write template emails together for reaching out to current and potential clients

  • Create a sales process

  • Block time for specific tasks and priorities

  • Speak regularly throughout the week

  • Outline specific target goals each week/month/quarter

Make the right decision to invest in yourself and
uncover how you can thrive in work and life.

(Because I devote so much time to my clients in this program, I only take three at a time. Lock in your turn now!)

One-Time Payment of

Three Monthly Payments of


the proof is in the pudding…
and the impact so many of my clients are making!

Working with Luly was the transformational experience that forever shifted my business into stability and purpose, and helped me become confident, joyful and sustainably profitable with my business. She helped me see every step with intuition, clarity, and badass business advice. I am forever grateful.
— Gaby Guzman, Las Comadres
As a creative, systems and processes were my roadblock to growing my business. Luly took the time to learn what lights me up and created a full-blown step-by-step system using technology and apps so I can increase my revenue, get more clients, and do more of what I love without doing the stuff I hate. This flow optimized my client experience without me having to be directly involved. It freed up dozens of hours per month and gave me the ability to focus on the work I love while scaling my business.
— Reizel Larrea-Alvarez, SpeakQNetwork
Sometimes you don’t see the potential you have or the possiblity of where you can take the impact you want to make. Luly B. Is the individual that pulls this right out of you. In 90 days I restructured my business that reflected my passions and felt like me. For those 90 days, I’ll forever be grateful to a business coach who was there in my corner cheering me on and holding me accountable.
— Yanyn San Luis, The Win Woman
In less than one year of being in Luly’s community, I felt like I went from being “almost” sure that I could be a small business owner to being 100% and absolutely sure that I could do it and do it well! Not only did I feel supported, encouraged and inspired, I felt like Luly gave her ALL and then some to every session. I was able to leverage business negotiations in my favor that I never thought I could do, all because of Luly’s experience and dedication to helping me. I am currently running my Design Studio completely on my own and so far I am extremely happy with my results! If anyone is looking to step it up to business greatness you MUST contact Luly B.
— MIRIAM soberanes, rare velvet designs
Luly has had an incredible impact not only on my business, but my life. She helped me take time out of my business to work on my business which is always so needed as a business owner. She gave me ideas, supported me and kept me accountable which is so extremely valuable. Luly has a gift of attracting amazing people and making connections, and I am grateful for the opportunity to have worked with her.
— Vivian del olmo, J. Del Olmo Bridal

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