We're so freakin' complicated.

We’re we so freakin’ complicated? Women get together, we worry about silverware, the house being perfect

Men geto together, they can eat off the floor and not care.


What are you going to be for Halloween?

As we gear up to dress up and do our annual trick-or-treating this Halloween, we dress up as someone else for a night. From witches to hot nurses, we can really run the gamut and have some fun “being” someone else.

“What are you going me to be for Halloween?” While this is the question that is being asked today, I challenge you to take a few minutes to reflect on “WHO are you going to be?”

What is holding you back from being the mom, wife, and entrepreneur you know you can be?

Is it guilt, fear, self-doubt?

Do you need a detox? A full cleanse of all these toxic thoughts, ideas, and obstacles you are placing before yourself?

I am happy to present my 30-Day Detox for Mom Entrepreneurs, a video series that will whip you into shape, rid you of your guilt, self-doubt and fear, and get you on the right track to having it all!

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