12 Reasons Why Balance is Bullshit


It’s the mantra around here: Balance is Bull$h!t, and we say it loud and proud. Why, you ask? Here are 12 reasons why the aforementioned slogan should be a part of your daily affirmations.

  1. Balance is an illusion, so why try to achieve something unreal?
  2. It takes away the attention from what you really need and want to be doing.
  3. Following your passion is about eagerness and excitement—enjoy it!
  4. Working is a lifestyle in which you make tough decisions daily.
  5. Your life is not about perfecting a balancing act.
  6. Aiming for balance will stunt your creative and entrepreneurial growth.
  7. Your ‘secret sauce’ recipe (your version of balance) is your own, not one-size-fits-all.
  8. Perfect is boring.
  9. Everyone has their own version of success, create your own.
  10. You can prioritize more clearly when you’re not blinded by guilt.
  11. Having it all is possible without forcing an arbitrary balance.
  12. You can’t do it all, but you can certainly have it all!

Next time you find yourself battling the balance monster, remember that it’s bull$h!t and you have proof to back it up.