5 Sentences to Eliminate from our Daily Dialogues


Do you sometimes feel like it's easier to point out what's wrong with you instead of what's so awesome about you? So many working moms blow me away with what they tell me goes through their minds on a daily basis. It hurts me to hear them speak about themselves in this way.

What if we were to limit those negative sentences and replace them with some positive, powerful ones?


Here are 5 sentences I invite you to delete from your daily dialogues pronto:

  1. I'm just ________.
  2. I'm not good enough.
  3. I can't.
  4. People will think that ________.
  5. If only I had more ________, I could ______.

How do you think deleting these sentences from your daily dialogue could affect the way you feel every day? And how would muting the negative voice and blasting the positive voice have an effect on your relationships, your work, and even your health? You ARE good enough, and you CAN do it. Right now, today. NO excuses. Make the tweaks to that voice so you can believe it when I tell you "You're awesome!"

P.S. - I've found that many times, our feelings of guilt enhance that negative self-talk. Snag your free audio excerpt here where I explain how to eliminate guilt once and for all!