A Kaleidoscope’s Lessons: 5 Things it Teaches on Perspective


Perspective is one of the strongest powers of the mind. It can affect our mood, how productive we are, how we tackle obstacles and so much more. But remembering to keep life in perspective is easier said than done. So, consult the kaleidoscope. Take a look down the rainbow barrel and find it’s a literal reflection of five rules of perspective.

Here’s how I see it:


1. It’s all in how you look at things.

Turn the kaleidoscope clockwise and see a wave of geometric shapes and a windmill of blues and greens. Twist it the other way and find yourself staring at a completely different pattern of reds and yellows. Prefer one design to another? The different views represent your life; it’s just a matter of finding the right angle to look at it from.

2. Your life is a complex—but purposeful—structure.

The patterns of a kaleidoscope might seem whimsical, but there is a method behind each. Sometimes it may seem reckless and random, but your life has a very real structure, even when your plans fall through. And this completely intentional arrangement of events is, many times, God laughing at your plans.

3. Illusions can get the best of us, so keep it real.

Staring into a kaleidoscope is entertaining and intriguing, but gazing into an optical illusion for too long can get pretty dizzying. The same goes for smoke and mirrors: faking it might make for a pretty picture, but soon enough, it’ll make your peers look away.

4. Don’t forget to reflect.

Your day-to-day is so demanding that you can barely find time to fit your favorite Zumba class in before a morning full of drop-offs and meetings. Let the mirrors in the kaleidoscope remind you that a little me-time is necessary, and finding the time to reflect and return to neutral is crucial for success.

5. Appreciate the beautiful chaos that is your life.

When all else fails, look at your life and appreciate the beauty. No matter the hiccups, you are growing a successful business and raising a successful family. Take a step back and appreciate the colorful view.

What do you see?