All VS Everything: How to Define and Conquer


You can have it all, but you can’t have everything. See what I did there? The surface level definitions of ‘all’ and ‘everything’ may render the words synonymous, but in reality, they point towards opposite poles. It’s just up to you to define them. Channel your inner Merriam-Webster and assign these two words their true meanings re: your life.

Here’s how I see it.

‘All’ refers to everything you care about, things of the utmost importance to you. What, in a perfect world, you would have to make your days feel complete—all 365 a year. Having downtime to see a movie with your husband, being able to pick up your kids from school and take them for ice cream, and landing that client with the perfect pitch—these gems fall into this category.

‘Everything’ refers to just that—every single thing. Picking your kids up every day, cooking dinner every night. A winning lotto ticket, perpetual health, a live-in manicurist; those are examples of everything.

‘All’ is your prioritized ‘everything.’

‘All’ is looking at ‘everything’ with mompreneur blinders on. It’s having the perspective to see what is sincerely important in your life, from relationships to resources. It means sending ‘balance’ right into the ‘bullshit’ category, and creating your own secret sauce instead. And guess what? The result is a totally Zen feeling of accomplishment and bliss.

Having it 'all' also means acknowledging that what you want is different from what makes other people happy. It means congratulating your fellow sister on her latest achievement, not being jealous of it. It means being happy for women with the means for at-home help and designer bags, not being a hater.

Human desire is insatiable—we always want what we can’t have. You can’t fight nature, but you can have what you want. Own your means to achieving it all, and watch it not only enrich your life, but also motivate you to reach higher.

Here are 14 reasons why I have it all.