Are you holding your horses?


I met with a colleague and friend today who launched a company with her 6 year-old selling socks he designs - Are You Kidding's Socks by Sebastian. She greeted me with a complimentary pack of socks for each of my boys to enjoy (check out their pic below!) and also shared the AMAZING news that The Elvis Duran Show mentioned Sebastian in their What's Trending segment this morning.

As I was singing her praises and congratulating her, she stopped me and said, "Not everyone is willing to believe I can do big things..."

And then, she showed me a text from a colleague. When telling her colleague all about the company and some big dreams she had for press coverage a few months back, she received this reply....

"Hold your horses! LOL"

Hold your horses? Really?

If we can't dream big, will we EVER achieve BIG? Of course now. So why we would ever even think about holding our horses?  I am so very proud of Rachel for bootstrapping her business the way she has. She left an amazing 6-figure salary to follow her passion, and more importantly, teach her children the value of hard work, believing in what you do, never giving up, and living your purpose.

As a result of NOT holding her horses, she's secure national media coverage including this morning's coverage on the Elvis Duran Show and will be featured in Vanidades magazine next month as well.

How's THAT for holding your horses?

Here's to NEVER holding our horses and always striving for the VERY BEST!

My boys wearing Sebastian's awesome socks!

 P.S. - If you feel like you're holding your horses and not living the life you deserve, click here to schedule a free chat with me today! I would LOVE to help you get those horses off to the races!

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