Are you leaning in?


In the last 24 hours, we've all heard about Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook, and her book, Leaning In. (If you missed the interview on 60 Minutes last night, click here) And unfortunately, most of what we are hearing is negative. She's getting slammed because she is a Harvard grad, a millionaire, and "has it easy."

Who the heck says she has it easy? Are we saying she has it easy because she has a housekeeper and folks to help her? Or, are we just looking for a reason to be a hater?

This is the reason why we women are so stuck. Why not support one another and say, "Good for you, Sheryl. Thanks for your support, and thanks for showing us we CAN have it all." Instead, we put her down and say, "Sure, it's easy for her. But not for me."

We throw ourselves a pity party and bring others down to make ourselves feel better.

So is this how we are going to play out the next generation for women leaders? Blaming those who are at the top? I don't see anyone talking smack about Mark Zuckerberg because he went to Harvard or because he "has it easy" are we really starting ANOTHER double-standard conversation?

Here's my point, everyone....

Let's celebrate. Let's learn. Let's come together. And as Sheryl says, let's Lean In!

I completely, 100% agree with Sheryl. As professional women, we are stalled. We don't support one another as much as we should. We don't mentor as much as we could. We don't celebrate our gifts, talents, and blessings!

We play it safe. We doubt ourselves. We snub one another.

We need to aim high, seek challenges and take risks, and fight the instinct to hold back.

Maybe I am sticking up for her because – like her – I was always told I was bossy as a child. Because I still struggle with negotiating. And because my marriage was a big career decision.

And while the debate is important, let's not disrespect one another. It's not a conversation about the classes or education or politics. It's about how we can believe in ourselves, support one another, and go for it. Because as I always tell you, Balance is BULLSHIT and women CAN have it ALL!!!