Authenticity Rules.


WHO are you? If you answered with “I’m a mom,” or “President of XYZ Company,” TRY AGAIN! ;)

Not what I am going for here…

I mean…WHO are you? What are your beliefs? What are you passionate about? What and who do you live for?

And the most powerful question after you’ve answered all those is: Are you living as your TRUE SELF? Are you living and celebrating the things in your life that are uniquely yours? Your passion. Your honesty. Your generosity. Your wisdom.

Authenticity is one of the most powerful traits a successful person can have. Yet, it is so hard for us to sometimes remain true to who we are and what we stand for.

When you are authentic, everything just comes to you so naturally. People get to see who you really are. As a result, your value increases. You gain the automatic respect of others. You are revered. You are admired.

Here are my favorite quotes that help me stay authentic:






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