NO shame in being shameless.


Most of our lives, we are conditioned to believe we should not brag. We don't want people to perceive us as pompous or conceited. And for many years, that's the way I ran my business. I knew I was of great value to my clients, but I never really shared how great I was. Until I realized the power of being shameless.

Being shameless has NOTHING to do with being conceited and EVERYTHING to do with being confident and demanding respect for your value. Since changing my mindset, I choose who I work with.  Clients BEG ME to work with them - in both my businesses, Chispa Marketing AND Luly B, Inc. Because all of a sudden, people began to see my value and the power I had in changing their lives and their businesses....all because I believed it!

In just a few weeks, I will be joining some of the most powerful women in South Florida for the Women's Success Summit Vll! I am proud to serve on the Advisory board of the 2-day conference that will take place on May 21 and May 22 in Wynwood at The Light Box Theater.

At the Women's Success Summit, we will connect with other amazing business women and talk all about "Shamelesss Self-Promotion" and learn how to be ballsy and bold without being arrogant and pretentious.

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