Big reminder from a Taxi Driver in Las Vegas


I am in Las Vegas for a few days speaking at a national conference for salon owners. Yesterday, I kicked-off the convention with a talk about how GIVING can be the most powerful marketing strategy for your business. I had the opportunity to address over 900 business owners and their teammates about how putting others first can be one of the best ways to enjoy true success. While heading back from the Michael Jackson ONE show, presented by Cirque du Soleil (which was truly amazing – highly recommend it), I stepped into a cab and was floored by this amazingly positive energy I experienced. The cab driver greeted us with a warm smile, a cheerful hello, and Neil Diamond.

Yes, Neil Diamond.

I quickly started some small talk with him and asked him how he was doing.

His answer?

“I am doing great. Life is GREAT! Do you like Neil Diamond?”

Before I knew it, we were rocking to "Cracklin' Rosie" – it was full blast, the dry desert air whirled into the cab, and for just a moment, I forgot about all my troubles.

He sang the entire song….note for note. He mimicked the drum beats….note for note.

“You have a great voice. Are you a singer?” I asked.

“I sure am! I am the singer of Cab #912 on the Las Vegas strip.”

WOW. My jaw dropped. This taxi driver just reminded me about the importance of truly living. It just reiterated my message from my morning talk.

Savoring the moment. Making the best of your situation. Seeing the glass half full. Most importantly, singing like nobody’s listening, dancing like nobody’s watching, giving even if nobody’s thanking you.

Do you sing like nobody’s listening? If not, try it today. You’ll be surprised how your day ends up…

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