Are cards still worth it?


Do you remember the day when you get excited about receiving mail? Okay, go ahead and chuckle as you read that question again - you're allowed! I don't know about you, but I love receiving personalized, hand-written mail. I get excited around Christmas time when I receive the super-personalized cards from friends and family - don't you?

We are obviously in the digital age. But where do you draw the line between being personal and mass-producing greetings and communication for your audience?

I have to say that although I consider myself pretty good at automating emails and systemizing a lot of my work through technology, there is still nothing like sending out a handwritten card. And, I will argue that there is nothing like receiving it either!

I believe in this so much that I created my own branded notecard where I send personal notes to potential clients and partners (check it out above). I can't begin to tell you the response I get from folks that receive these cards. They see that I have taken the time to write the card, personalize it, and mail it. I give them the "message" that they are important, valuable, and meaningful.

And so, I ask. Is there room in our lives for handwritten cards? Does your audience appreciate it? How can this help you as you market your business? It is even worth it?