Do the Oxygen Mask Trick.


Here's an amazing analogy we can ALL learn from! When we hop on a flight and are given safety instructions, we learn about the oxygen masks. Should we encounter an emergency on our flight, we are told to place the oxygen mask on ourselves before we help anyone else.

Sure, that makes sense. You will need to have oxygen flowing to yourself so you can be available to help others. Why, then, when it comes to our daily lives, is that so difficult for us to do as moms? Why do we give ourselves such a hard time about making time for ourselves or treating ourselves?

Ladies, I have definitely gotten better at this, and wow - What a difference! I am making mani/pedi appointments in advance and my hair appointments are set for the next 6 months. I treat them as if they were a meeting with a top client, so no excuses allowed!

That's right - No excuses allowed!

Try the oxygen mask trick. Treat yourself every once in a while, and you too, will see a surge of energy, vitality and self-gratitude in your life. And guess what? When it comes time to care for 'others' - your family, your clients, your mom chores, etc. - you'll be much better suited to do it.

Are you treating yourself yet?