Exactly one year ago today...

As I reflect upon my participation on the "Lean In" panel of Suits, Stilettos & Lipstick yesterday morning, I am celebrating!
I am celebrating because of a HUGE achievement I have made in the last year.
You see, it was at this conference last year that I whispered into the founder, Dr. Elizabeth King's, ear...."I am not happy. And I am going to do something about it. Thanks for giving me the push."
While on the panel, Dr. King asked me to share. And I did.
I told the audience of more than 200 women my story of the last 365 days. Exactly one year ago, I gathered up guts. I made big choices. And I am NOT looking back!
I will tell you more about those big choices soon, but more importantly, I was able to make these choices because of my support system. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars and thousands of hours in masterminds, networking groups, master classes, courses, seminars, and training. And I have surrounded myself with like-minded entrepreneurs, business folks, experts, mentors, and coaches. It is this support system that helped me get through the toughest time I have experienced in my seven years as an entrepreneur.
The most important messages I gave on my panel this morning was to focus on being happy, do what you are passionate about, say yes to help, know your value, and some of the biggest decisions in your life will grant you the most amazing happiness and grant you success beyond your imagination.
Are you happy? Are you REALLY happy? If not, what's holding you back? What tough decisions do you need to make to get you what you want?
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