Fake It ‘Til You Make It


First things first, don’t let the title mislead you: I don’t advocate smoke and mirrors. On the contrary, I believe that a strong connection to who you want to be helps you get there. The phrase ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ means acting a certain way to become that person. It’s as simple as your body language, holding your head up high and having posture that reads, “I’m confident, and I know I can.” Because guess what happens then? Everyone believes you can, too.

Your attitude is also a reflection of how your personal style makes you feel. If that hair cut makes you extra-pumped for that conference, hit the salon. A new dress or a super sparkly necklace might be all you need to go the extra mile this week, so indulge.

What faking it helps you do is gain confidence in yourself through your beliefs. If you struggle with being confident, practice. Face your fears and tackle them. Instead of seeing an obstacle as terror, see it as a thrill. Having a positive outlook actually impacts what happens to you, so when you tell yourself you can, you will be able to.

It doesn’t hurt that confidence makes you radiant, either. Having a strong internal drive shines through your personality, so when you feel courageous, you look amazing.

Carry yourself the way you want to be perceived, and keep in mind that the trick to being successful is being happy. PS You look great!