Have you ever "shelfed" it?

Just last month, I shared lunch with one of my mentors. He is a serial entrepreneur and lifelong friend. He shared with me that one of the biggest keys to his success has been learning when to shelf projects. WOW! Never had I associated shelfing a project with success. Yet, that’s exactly what I did with my successful marketing firm, Chispa Marketing, just 3 years ago. I tweaked the structure of the business, shelfed projects and even some clients. In fact, I shelfed the whole company!


Within just a few days of our lunch, I realized shelfing isn’t a bad thing at all. Great things can come as a result.

And last week, I shared with the members of Luly B’s Living Room that I am shelfing the  membership site. Better yet, tweaking it. Among the big deciding points for me to tweak Luly B’s Living Room was that I felt like the amazing content was too good NOT to share. So….in just a few weeks, the site will be free to everyone.

You see, new opportunites arise and then we have to make difficult choices. The bucket can be full but it can’t be overflowing. Because once it overflows, you can’t be of service to anyone, including yourself!

So…in just a few days I will share something I have been cooking up that I think you will absolutely LOVE! You’ll see why I tweaked something to create more impact and more of a difference.

Stay tuned, fabulous!

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