Oh, you don't work???


There’s been a lot of talk lately re: Gwyneth Paltrow’s commentary on working moms. In short, the actress told E! News that the office mom is, well, luckier to have a ‘routine,’ while the on-set mom faces more challenges, like traveling and longer hours. Cue the mommy wars, an on-going battle where working moms – in any profession – are demanding respect. So it got me thinking, what about those non-working moms? As we stand up for ourselves, it’s important that we remember to be respectful of non-working moms too. But sometimes, we forget. Sometimes we might feel like they judge us, but they may not be; that might be in our own heads. That might be our guilt speaking to us.

They may have their own set of problems – they may not be leaving a meeting in a rush to pick up kids, but they do have their own set of stresses. One stress hits particularly close to home: they could be worried about possibly missing out on their careers. They may also feel guilty delegating tasks to others, meaning they spend more time doing things they don’t actually need to be doing.

The non-working mom also struggles to find a balance between time spent with the family, taking care of the home and finding time for a personal life and her own wellness.

At the end of the day, we’re all moms, which means we all do the toughest (and best) job of all. Let’s keep that in mind.