I almost didn't do it.


When a friend heard about my upcoming launch date for my new audio series, she called me and excitedly asked, "When's the celebration?" As I ramp up for the big release on November 14, the last thing on my mind, to be honest, was a party. With so many details to plan, vendors to meet with, and messages to write, I couldn't imagine adding "throw a party" into the mix.

But I did it anyway. I am making it happen.

Have you found that when we are amidst some of our greatest wins, celebrating is scarce? Many times, we find ourselves just moving on to the next thing, don't we?

I almost didn't do it either.

But thankfully, my friend's question reminded me about something I included as a step in my audio series - and that's to CELEBRATE! Celebrating is HUGE! It's huge for our success. It's a great time to reflect on your accomplishments, thank those who helped you make the accomplishment happen, and even great for your sanity!

So in honor of wins - both big and small - I would like to celebrate with you.

I would love for you to join me so we can celebrate our wins together! Click here to let me know if you can make it!

Here's to celebrating our WINS!

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