I am blown away by what they're saying.


"One of the most impactful programs I have participated in," said Nicole, a mom of two girls. "It felt like a natural conversation with a friend. Thank you for reminding me that it's okay to do things for myself. Every working mom NEEDS to have this!" Cristina, mom of a 4-month old boy told me, "Awesome people have a tough time recognizing their awesomeness. This program has opened my eyes to how awesome I truly am and not to be afraid of my success. You've empowered me to finally go after my interior design license - which I have put off for over five years. I am so glad I invested in myself and in this program."

"Life-changing..." said Inez, mom of three teenagers. "Thank you for giving me permission to enjoy what I am doing without the guilt. You understand me...and have completely validated all my decisions to be a working mom."

Since releasing my audio course, I have been overwhelmed with feedback like this, and I am so grateful to be impacting the lives of so many working moms like you!

I invite you to join them and the hundreds of other working moms boycotting balance. Snag your FREE audio excerpt of my audio course Balance is BullSh!t: 7 Steps to Boycotting Balance and Living Life on Your Terms where I talk about getting over the guilt of being a work mom.

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