I did it.


I did it. I am taking the plunge. Following my passion. No fear. No pride. Just plain and simple, I am making a dream come true. My dream?

To share my expertise and experiences not only as a marketing expert of 15 years, but also my journey as a mom entrepreneur. The guilt. The excitement. The turmoil of choice and priorities. The obstacles that we can turn into opportunities.

I want to help moms that have started their own business in search of flexibility. The mom who loves tucking in her kids at night and taking them to soccer practice, but who also loves landing a new client and growing her business. She struggles with guilt, time management, and making it happen for her marriage, her children, and her business.

Introducing Luly B., Inc.

I have launched this company that will focus on consulting, training, and masterminding with mom entrepreneurs. I want them to be bold, be authentic, and be happy (like me!). I want to create a community of like-minded women who constantly struggle who want to be successful moms, wives, and entrepreneurs.

I am so ready to do this!

So there it is. The journey has officially begun. Thanks for being a part of it!