In giving, you receive. Or do you?


I am a giver. And I have a feeling you are too. Giving is probably one of my favorite things to do. I was born like that, and I can’t imagine every changing. Nothing satisfies me more than giving of my time, talent or treasure for someone else.

I get a lot of slack from friends – especially my friends in sales – that I “give” too much, especially in business meetings. I truly feel my life is filled with blessings because I give.

And after all, in giving you receive. Or do you?

I wonder if perhaps as women entrepreneurs, we need to do a better job of giving with certain limitations. But if so, are we stripping ourselves of our authenticity and genuine nature of caring? How can we bring giving into our sales strategy as a unique selling proposition, remain genuine, and make that next big sale?

What do you think?  Is there REALLY such a thing as giving too much?