It’s All About “Cool Moss”


I just got back from Tony Robbins’s amazing four-day seminar, Unleash the Power Within. It’s four days of intense soul-searching where you KILL your negative thoughts and replace them with positive beliefs about yourself and your potential. This is the event where folks do the dreaded-turned-victorious fire walk. Tony spends a few HOURS training you on how to walk on the 2,000-degree coals! He teaches you how to physically and mentally prepare for what many think is a crazy stunt. There are a few steps to getting yourself in the physical and mental state to successfully walk across these hot coals. And one of them is to say “cool moss” as you walk across.

And saying “cool moss” changed my life.

I learned that by saying “cool moss” as I strutted across the row of burning coals, I was shifting my negative voice, or what Jennifer Grace calls the “itty bitty shitty committee,” to one with powerful positivity, which I call the “positive party people.” Killing the shitty committee and inviting the positive party people is what we have to do in our lives DAILY, not just in this fire walk. Instead of focusing on “holy cow, I can burn my feet,” I was focused on “cool moss.” I didn’t look down, I didn’t stare at the fire and I didn’t think of the potential negative consequences.

Instead, I held my chin up high. I got myself in a positive mental and physical state. And as thousands of my fellow fire-walkers chanted, “Yes, yes, yes,” I did it. I said “cool moss, cool moss, cool moss, cool moss” and before I knew it, I was on the other side, celebrating with all the other fire walkers.

“Cool moss” taught me a valuable lesson. Instead of focusing on the negative “what-ifs” in life, focus on the positive “what-whens” instead. Just a few days have passed and I already find myself shifting from “What if I don’t do this right?” to “What will happen when I kick ass?”

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