Live Like Bella


When Bella was only 4 years old, she became paralyzed from a tumor in her spine and was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer several years later. She went through 54 weeks of chemo and 16 weeks of radiation to all 7 tumor sites. This amazing little girl was able to recover - walk, run, and jump! Several years later, they found a tumor in her brain and she had full brain radiation, more chemo and an antibody treatment...and was again in remission. Then, last year they found 3 new tumors in her abdomen, which meant more  chemo and an antibody treatment. One month after this treatment, 4 more tumors were found - even more chemo. She began 2013 with a 16-hour surgery to remove the tumors, her uterus, and ovaries. I don't think I could blame anyone - much less a precious little girl - for being angry, resentful, and sad. But not Bella. Bella has been positive, strong, and filled with an enormous amount of faith.

Through her love of life, precious laugh, and fighting spirit, and she has brought together a community of close to 60,000 people on Facebook who have called themselves "Bella Believers." Through the videos and messages her mom has posted on the community page, the 10 year-old has enlightened, inspired, and motivated tens of thousands of people to "Live Like Bella."

Today, Bella went to heaven.

"Bella didn't lose her battle to cancer - she won the reward of an eternal life." That's what Bella's mom said today just moments after her daughter passed.

Bella WON today when she passed among her family - in peace and without pain. She won the hearts of tens of thousands of people in Miami and beyond. She won the spirits of those who were ready to give up. She has become an awesome reminder of how we all need to savor life. She is an angel who was put on Earth to show us the power of strength, faith, courage, and hope.

And so tonight, as I pray for the mother who just lost her daughter, the father who mourns the loss of his little girl, and the sister who lost her best friend, I make a vow....


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