Luly B's Summer Makeover Coaching


"I'm exhausted." "I'm overwhelmed."

"I'm not doing what I love."

If you find yourself saying that out loud constantly, maybe it's time for a Makeover!

Memorial Day is the unofficial beginning to summer, and what better time to reassess than the summer??? Summer has always been the time of year I take a step back and reassess myself and my business. It's the best season for brainstorming, reprioritizing, and planning to end the year with a bang!

I am proud to announce three openings for Luly B’s Summer Makeover Coaching.

For 12 weeks, I will work with three Summer Makeover clients who would like to take their businesses to the next level without sacrificing their valuable family time. Ladies who are struggling to do it all, feeling guilty and overwhelmed with how to make it all work, but super willing to DO something about it! Ladies who don’t want another year to go by feeling stuck and exhausted. I will coach you with weekly, 60-minute calls so you can:

  1. Rid yourself of the guilt that comes from being a working mom
  2. Find ways to make more ME time by outsourcing and outtasking certain things you’re currently doing
  3. Make more money without spending more time working

End your summer with a bang, feeling free of guilt, finding more space for quality family time, and running an awesome business!

For 90 days, you'll get:

  1. One weekly, 60-minute call with me.
  2. An email recap with your action steps.
  3. Access to resources and my amazing rolodex filled with connections of potential clients and vendors to grow your business!

If you or someone you know is exhausted, overwhelmed, and battling balance, click here to schedule a quick chat with me to learn more about how you can rid yourself of the guilt and overwhelm to start living the life you deserve!

P.S. - I completely understand what you’re going through. I went through it too! After making BIG shifts to my marketing company, I have never felt freer or more alive! I figured out a way to make the same amount of money in half the amount of time. I figured out how to ditch the superhero cape and stop trying to be perfect at anything. I learned that balance is bull$h!t and stopped trying to be everything to everyone. And I want the same for you!

P.P.S. - Not sure if this is right for you? Schedule a chat with me. No pressure, no obligation. I can tell you more about how I’ve helped dozens of women like you and what that means for YOU!

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