Step into Luly B's Living Room and Step into your Greatness

What if there was a place where you can celebrate, vent, seek advice, and collaborate on all aspects of your life. How amazing would that be? Luly B's Living Room is now LIVE! It's a virtual collaborative community of awesome women who wear a ton of hats.

For just 7 bucks a month, you'll get: Unlimited access to dozens of experts in health, motivation, relationships, parenting, communication, business, career coaching, negotiation, and more. Get VIP access and special discounts to courses and resources. Snag your daily dose of inspiration, motivation and perspective with Cafe con Luly videos. Experience powerful challenges and participate in exclusive webinars with me each month. And best of all, connect with awesome women just like YOU!

Won’t you step into my Living Room? Click here to sign up now and get your first 30 days FREE! Plus, you'll also get a chance to schedule a complimentary 30-minute session with yours truly!

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Q: What exactly is Luly B's Living Room?

A: Imagine a conversation in a girlfriend's living room. We're going to chat it up about work, the kids, and our sweethearts. We'll also be joined by experts (who normally charge thousands of dollars in consulting fees) and will be sharing their BEST advice completely free! You'll be recharged, gain new perspectives, and get a giggle in as well as the occasional tear-jerker. It's a place of learning, motivation, and inspiration.

Q: What are the resources available to me?

A: There's a section called "Café con Luly" where you enjoy a cup of coffee with yours truly. I have invited over 100+ experts to share their BEST advice on everything from health, mindset and motivation to relationships, business, and parenting. You have access to women in our community through our private Facebook page and special VIP webinars and tele-seminars.

Q: Who is Luly B's Living Room right for?

A: If any of these sound like you, you'd be a perfect fit for Luly B's Living Room.

I want to be a better leader. I want to be happy. I'm a mom starting a business from home. I want tips to work on ME. I want more parenting resources at my fingertips. I want to learn how to be a better communicator at work. I need more motivation for my personal goals. I want to stop doubting myself.

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