Celebrating my Hispanic Heritage with Macy's

The month of October is Hispanic Heritage Month, and for me, that means I get to celebrate! I celebrate having the best of both worlds - my Hispanic roots, filled with passion, great food, amazing music, and strong family ties along with my American side, enjoying freedom, opportunity, and living in the best country in the world.  

Reading "Dora's Chilly Day" to the children

Hanging out with Diego at the celebration

Sporting my Dora backpack and showing off the cool sunglasses ans awesome coloring book

Macy's asked me to host their Hispanic Heritage Month event where we paid tribute to Latino-Americans's contributions to fashion, music and culture. We paid homage to Nickelodeon’s animated preschool heroine Dora the Explorer with a wonderful celebration where hundreds of families came out to enjoy! Children took pictures with her cousin, Diego, decorated their very own photo frame, enjoyed a craft station, and even got their faces painted.

It was a boatload of fun and I was truly honored to celebrate the best of both MY worlds!

Check out a segment we did to promote the celebration: