Marshalls Wants you to ‘Say Yes to Confidence’


In April, discount store Marshalls surveyed 1,000 women to ask if they’d ever let a lack of confidence hold them back from outings, whether social or work related. The answers? Brace yourselves. The survey’s findings were pretty dismal, noting these three situations as the top “no moments” (via

Social Outings: 55% declined a party invitation or having dinner with friends

Professional Endeavors: 40% passed up a challenging project at work or pursuing a job interview

Personal Appearance: 40% failed to try a new fashion trend or experiment with wearing bold colors or patterns.

Marshalls assigned a celebrity stylist (Elizabeth Stewart) and a body language expert (Dr. Lillian Glass) to round up some tips to help women turn these “no moments” into “yes moments.” This reminded me so much of cool moss – the phrase that changed my life at Tony Robbins’s Unleash the Power Within seminar.

Unfortunately, the way I first felt about walking across 2,000-degree coals is the way some women feel about going to dinner with friends or pursuing a challenge at work – just because they aren’t confident enough. Turning these instances into “yes moments” is something all women have the power to do, whether it’s with a mental mantra like ‘cool moss’ or some of the experts’ style tips.

And you know what? Looking good really does feel good. Stewart says to find styles and colors that flatter you – and you’ll know they do because you’ll feel it. If it doesn’t make you feel excited, don’t get it. Dr. Glass noted that 58 percent of the women felt better when wearing higher quality clothing, so seek out those gems and splurge here and there. You deserve it.

Overall, both experts agreed: if all else fails, smack on a smile and strut anyway. It’s okay to fake it ‘til you make it!