Michelle's dream.


This morning, I attended the Women's Success Summit Board of Advisors meeting. We're a killer group of women that support Michelle Villalobos in her valiant efforts to help women in business succeed. As I walked in, Michelle stopped me and said, "You were in my dreams last night. You were relaxing on a beach watching the waves roll to the shore while you told me all about how happy you were."

Funny. That's exactly how I feel. I have CHOSEN to create my business around my family, lifestyle and priorities - not the other way around. I have made the tough decisions and have even been told I was crazy. And guess what? I am crazy. Crazy happy! Because I have learned to work hard and play even harder.

Coincidentally, the theme for this Summit is Work & Play Every Day. It's just two weeks away and the line-up of speakers is phenomenal! I am excited to learn even more about how I can continue to work and play each day. Are you?

Click here to check it all out.

If you like what you see, purchase your tickets right away! Click here to purchase your ticket now. Be sure to use that link as it includes a special discount courtesy of yours truly! :)

Here's to playing hard!