My balance issues.


This past week, we took what has become our traditional spring break vacation - spring skiing in Colorado. Although this is always a lovely vacation, I have to confess one thing. It's the one week in my life where I have to really focus on the positive and turn off my negative Nancy voice. Why? Because I suffer from vertigo, fear of heights, and motion sickness - a combination for a disaster if you want to even attempt to ski.

So for years, I have spent that one week struggling with not being able to partake in the way I would like to for what is an unforgettable family vacation for my boys (who are skiing blacks this year, might I add). I am frustrated with myself and feel like a total loser of a mom...

As I sat in the ski lounge one day, I began chatting with another mom. As I told her about my vertigo, it hit me. I LITERALLY have balance issues. No wonder I feel strongly that Balance is Bull$h!t! I have been trying to balance all my life and have been a complete failure at it.

So maybe my vertigo is just another reason why I am so darn passionate about balance being a myth. Instead of focusing on the fact that I can't ski because of my vertigo, I focus on the fact that I can prepare lunch for three amazing skiiers, go shopping and spend some "me" time, and even catch up on writing my blog.

In the same way, I encourage YOU to stop struggling with balance and find what makes YOU happy. To look at the bright side of your situation and make the best of your biggest obstacles. I promise it will not only make for a happier YOU, but you will see the effects on your family and your business! I sure did this past week...

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