No B!TCHE$ allowed.


That's right. You read right. No bitches allowed. They are not allowed anywhere near me. And they shouldn't be allowed anywhere near YOU either! 2013 is the year for women entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and one of the most powerful ways we can make our businesses even better is to be of service to one another.

I can't stand seeing women bash one another or become jealous of each other's success. It absolutely disgusts me and we should never tolerate such behavior.

We need to celebrate one another's passions, talents, and differences. Be of service. Support. Encourage. Collaborate.

And that's why I am absolutely in love with It's a powerful community started by two former powerful financial execs turned mom entrepreneurs, Meredith and Kim. Their worldwide network connects, supports, and promotes female entrepreneurs and women in business by offering FREE access to the latest news, advice, networking and promotional tools crucial to advancing our entrepreneurial endeavors. It is a community of women who are of service, support, encourage, and collaborate.

And we need more people like Meredith and Kim in the circle of powerful women entrepreneurs. Don't you agree?

Let's pull together, ladies. We have enough obstacles and challenges keeping up with being mothers, wives, and entrepreneurs. Why not become each other's resources and help one another grow our businesses in 2013?