OMG, I can't believe I did it.


For years, I had talked about how I wanted to try yoga. I joked about how my body wasn't really built for yoga and consistently put it off month after month. Well...that all caught up to me when my mastermind group facilitator, Mina Shah of Smart Women Making Money, asked our group to analyze how we could make the time for a "ME" activity we know can make a difference in our lives.

This was my chance. Yoga came to mind. I wrote it down as my homework. I was committed....or so I thought. My gym offers yoga every Tuesday and every Tuesday, I came up with an excuse of why I couldn't make it.

When it came time to my next group meeting, I stood up and shared my accountability report. As I began to share that I hadn't quite completed my goal, a ball of emotions came up my stomach through my heart, and I gasped. Before I knew it, I was crying....and yes, the ugly cry.

"I didn't go to yoga. I wish I could tell you it was because of my schedule, but that's not really the case. I didn't go to yoga because I am afraid. I am afraid of not knowing what to do and how to do it. I don't want to lay there with a bunch of skinny, flexible girls around me while I struggle to do the most basic of positions. That intimidates me and scares me to death."

WOW! For all these years, I had felt this, but I had stored away the fear factor in all of this and resolved it my cracking jokes and laughing it off. I felt like such a fool saying yoga scares me. Why the heck would yoga scare me? You try it, learn after a few sessions, and that's it.  I felt so ridiculous even sharing all of this...especially for a girl who has no problem getting in front of a room of thousands of people to speak for 45 minutes!

But what happened next was such a gift! Mina reminded me that while the fear of yoga might seem ridiculous to others, it was BIG for me - just like the fear of speaking for many is REAL and for me, it's easy-peasy. And by doing yoga, taking the classes, and overcoming my fears, I could inspire YOU to do the same!

Within 72 hours, I called up a colleague who coincidentally had just become a certified yoga instructor. Marly Q came to my house and gifted me a private yoga lesson. I learned all the lingo and positions, and I even got to ask her questions throughout the lesson.

Within the next 72 hours, yours truly was taking the yoga class. Not only did I take the yoga class, I TOUCHED MY TOES FOR THE FIRST TIME EVERY IN MY LIFE! This was a huge accomplishment for a girl who suffers from vertigo, scoliosis, and flexibility issues.

So there you have it, I touched my toes! I discovered a way of getting over my fear. I owned up to it, committed to working on it, and DID IT!

And now, I want the same for you.

What is the YOGA in your life you are too scared to try or overcome? Look to your army for support and go for it. Who knows? You might even touch your toes! ;)


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