Props to the Peeps!


As I sit in a panel of Dad Bloggers at Hispanicize 2013, I can't help but get excited about what these men have to say! These men are trailblazers, amazing dads, and devoted husbands. And I just HAVE to give them major PROPS. They are changing the landscape of our country through sharing their beautiful messages about fatherhood.

Mocha Dad writes about how his daily struggles and successes of being a father.

Lamar Tyler, together with his wife, writes about relationships and positive images about marriage.

Juan of Words blogs about the Hispanic lifestyle and everything Mexican in the U.S.

These are REAL men. I admire them and applaud them for stepping out and making a difference. They are making a difference in the blogging community, online, in their families, and in our COMMUNITY! Please check them out, follow them, and support them, ladies!

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