QVC Host Faints: Check out Why....

This morning, I was watching Today on NBC and saw an interview of QVC host, Cassie Slane, who fainted during one of the segments on the show earlier this week. In her interview, she spoke about why she fainted. It was Sunday morning, and one of her children had spent the night crying as she teethed. Cassie got very little sleep and rushed out the door to work, with just a quick snack for breakfast. As she explained her morning bustle to the anchors of Today, anchor Samantha Guthrie cut her off and said, "So, you were dealing with Mommy Exhaustion."

That's right! She was tired, like so many of us are! And rather than taking the video viral to rag on her co-host (who she asked to keep the show going), perhaps we should celebrate what working moms do in our country.

Let's give a BIG woo hoo to Cassie Slane for being a great working mom (and let's also give her a quick slap on the wrist for not thinking of herself for 60 seconds to at least get a good breakfast before she rushed out that day)!!!