Six Ways to Honor Mom After Mother’s Day


Every Mother’s Day, I see the same haunting displays. Everywhere I turn, I see opportunities for folks to honor their mothers by purchasing cards, picking out jewelry, finding flowers and even grabbing a box of chocolates. Every year like clockwork, my first thought when I see these displays is: that is not what I want.

And, guess what? What I really want is free.

What moms really want for Mother’s Day is to sleep in. We want to enjoy a day free of laundry, cooking, cleaning and washing. One day where carpool, homework and all those obligations we have to make everyone else around us happy are already taken care of. We would also love to have this day more than just once every Spring.

Hubbies and kiddos, listen up. Mom does a lot for you, so make sure to give her a little extra love more often than just on Mother’s Day. Here are six easy ways to make mom’s day any time of the year. Bonus points for doing any of these without being asked!

1. Let her sleep in 2. Tidy up the house 3. Share a family meal served by the kids 4. Wash the dishes 5. Prepare a bubble bath for her 6. Give her a shoulder or neck massage

Save your money, folks. Money can't buy happiness, but a little consideration and TLC can!