Something's Gotta Give.


Should I take that job? Do I wait to have kids? How far up do I want to go on the corporate ladder? When do I have my second child? Should I start my business now? Should I take on that client? Do I need employees? Do I need a virtual assistant? What do I look for in a team? Sound familiar?

Today's modern woman wants to have it all. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. She wants to wake up her kids with kisses and get them ready for school while she prepares for a day of pitch meetings, client meetings, and work. She packs a pair of sneakers to change into to make it just in time to the soccer game.

As you might already know, I recently launched New Era Moms web show with Rivvid co-founder, Valeska Jacques and founder of Nanny Stella Inc. and the Nanny Institute, Stella Reid. It's a weekly web show about the REAL issues we face as working moms and mom entrepreneurs, from relationships and parenting to business and decision making. And guess what? We talk about the above issues all the time. And the one repeating theme, no matter the subject matter? Something has got to give.

In fact, this very issue is a big part of why I launched Luly B. in the first place, and constantly tell the women I encounter to take off the superhero cape. If you try to be the perfect mom, wife or business owner all at the same time, you're going to fail at all three. Harsh? It's the truth. You can't do it all, but you can do it well.

This week, I'd challenge you to make a list of your priorities as a woman, wife and business owner. Write all of them down. Got that? Good. Now remove all but the top three or four, and put them in a separate list. Guess what? Those items that didn't make the cut are negotiable or can be worked around. Trust me, once your focus is in place, you will find a way and you will know where your priorities should lay.

Something's got to give, and that's a very good thing. You'll be thrilled to have made the decision. Trust me ;)