Sorry, I am not a professional juggler.


Moms love to talk about how we have to juggle our marriage, children, and work. But really, ladies, we are not jugglers - so let’s get over it. I know that’s a pretty bold statement, so let me give you a visual.

If I have three balls I need to juggle, but only have two hands, one ball will always be in the air. A juggler never has two balls in one hand while he is performing the act. The juggler has to decide which ball will be in his left hand, which ball will be in his right hand, and which ball will be in the air. And when he is juggling more than three balls, he needs an assistant to throw in Ball #4 and Ball #5. He can’t do it alone….

Isn't that also true in our daily lives?

We pack so much in our days. We are exhausted and feel like we are doing nothing right. But do you know what I realized?

Surprise, surprise - I am not a professional juggler! Sometimes, I am going to say no to a play date for my kids. I am going to say no to a happy hour networker. I am going to sign up to bring the “easy” stuff at school. And sometimes, I will say "I can't do that right now." I don’t care to be seen as the amazing juggler of fifteen balls. I don't need a gold star on my chest. I am not going on some special honor roll. I just want peace. I just want to be happy.

Are you always trying to juggle everything in your life? If so, try setting some of the balls down. Trust me, it will change your life! Can't wait to hear how it works out...