Thanks, Mami.


Today is my Mom’s Birthday, and I feel compelled to write to her and share it with the world. Sometimes, we don’t always tell the most cherished people in our lives what they mean to us, and today, I want to change that. I hope this letter compels you to send a note to someone who has truly made a difference in your life.

Dear Mami,

Thank you. Thank you for coming to this country and working your butt off. You left your beautiful island of Cuba when you were 9 with NOTHING --just an amazing family and sheer determination to figure it all out. And boy, did you!

You’ve really defeated all odds, Mom. You’ve literally knocked down the walls and barriers in front of you and set an amazing example for me. You studied accounting at the University of Miami in the 70s when women really weren’t wanted in academia, much less in the accounting field. You got a full scholarship and finished school in three years, WITH honors. You gave up your career to raise me and my brother and sister. You found a new calling to be a teacher. You worked towards your Masters, then a Doctorate in Education. You’ve changed the lives of THOUSANDS of your students. You are a phenomenal painter, a supportive wife, an amazing grandmother, and spectacular Mom.

As I begin my new journey in supporting mom entrepreneurs, I want to salute you, Mami. You really prepared the path for me. You gave up so much….but I want to make it all worth it for you.

Thank you for pushing me. For believing in me. For supporting me. For never being satisfied with status quo. Thank you for being the sergeant of my army.

I have always said that if I am half the woman you are, I am in good shape. I am hoping to reach that 50% soon!

Te quiero! Luly