The Acropolis.


Most people don't get as emotional about The Acropolis of Athens like my parents did. Because for them, it was much more than visiting a historical settlement. It was a celebration! My parents celebrate 40 YEARS of marriage this month, and it got me thinking about how truly in-love they are. And the photo I have included in this blog tells a very powerful story...

For 40 years, they have overcome all obstacles. They both graduated from the University of Miami. They struggled and worked hard to buy their first home, then their second, then their third. They worked around the clock to send their three children to some of the best schools in our city. They saved up for great family vacations and were very involved in our school and extracurricular activities.

More than a decade ago, my father was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. Although the past 15 years have proven to be some trying times, he has had my mom, his rock, by his side. My mom has never let his muscular dystrophy stop them from doing anything – including getting to the top of the Acropolis.

You see, my father is a big history junkie and seeing the Acropolis was a dream for him. They went to Greece a few years ago with my brother and sister-in-law. My mom researched ways to get my dad up to the top, spoke with all the tour guides and security guards, and finally found a way to get it done. My mom's and brother's herculean efforts took them through several service elevators and rocky walk-ways. But soon, it all paid off. They were at the top.

The road to the top of the Acropolis of Athens represented 40 years of overcoming obstacles, fighting hard, staying determined and focused, and putting love and respect first. Coincidentally, “acropolis” means “the highest point” in Greek.

Congratulations, Mom and Dad, for reaching your summit. Thank you for allowing me the honor to witness the power of love every day of my life and for reminding me that getting to the top is an exhilarating accomplishment.

You've given me a lot to be thankful for!