The Best Lessons Aren’t Taught


As busy working moms, we sometimes get caught up on what we aren’t doing for our kids. We might miss a soccer game, a school activity or a dress rehearsal. We beat ourselves up for days because we’ve missed out. Yet, we are providing so much more by being the women we are. That’s because the best lessons aren’t taught.

A few weeks ago I overheard my son bragging about me at a flag football game. I had mentioned to a mom that I had been traveling the week prior. George looked at his friend and said, “Yeah, she was at Procter & Gamble, a Fortune 100 company. My mom’s a boss.”

Hearing him excitedly talk about my recent endeavors made me so proud for so many reasons. Not only is he proud of me, but he’s also realizing how hard I’m working – and that’s a better lesson than I could’ve taught if I was trying to.

It’s not about the money or shiny success – it’s about the example. Our hard work is the best lesson we can give our kids. Even if we miss a game because of it, reaching our goals through determination and perseverance makes that okay.

We’re silently teaching through example every day that we wake up and get to work. We don’t have to tell them. They’re watching us. What a powerful lesson! Teaching by example never felt so good.