The big decision.


A lot of women ask me how I made the decision to go off on my own and become an entrepreneur. The answer is simple. I crashed through the glass ceiling. I felt stuck and suffocated. I felt frustrated, and most importantly - I was miserable.

I think it almost takes a good kick in the a** for most of us to go for it. It's a big step, but it is one of the most important steps you'll take in your professional career and hopefully in your personal life.

If you don't remember my very first blog on Luly B, Inc., I wrote, "I did it. I am taking the plunge. Following my passion. No fear. No pride. Just plain and simple, I am making a dream come true."

What a great feeling to finally know that there is nothing like being a mompreneur!

All the thousands of dollars, pensions, and 401k opportunities can never pay me enough to compensate for flexibility, sense of freedom, and pride.  In fact, that's the number 1 reason why women are leaving their jobs to form their own companies.

Making the decision and taking the plunge is a tough one. But damn, is it rewarding!

Did you get a kick in the a** to start your business or are you still waiting for one?