The four-letter word we must ALL delete from our vocabulary NOW!


I know what you're thinking. And no, it's not any of those words... The word I am hoping you will erase from your vocabulary NOW is the word "just."

I am blown away when I meet these amazing women who have done tremendous and magnificent things! When asked what they do or what they've accomplished, they include "just" right before the HUMONGOUS accomplishment...

"my nonprofit is JUST in three countries..."

"I JUST made $100,000 in my business last year..."

"I JUST served 10,000 small business owners through my training program..."

Why are we demeaning ourselves? Why are we belittling our great accomplishments? Sure, we might want more and want to continue to grow or make more money or serve more people, but why the heck are we including that horrible four-letter word before we share our accomplishments?

Let's celebrate! Celebrate the little wins as much as you celebrate the BIG wins. Celebrate where you are today, because where you are today will only help catapult you to greater things tomorrow!

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