The Power of Pink


As you are all aware, this month is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. How did you know that, though? Because for the last three decades, Susan G. Komen for the Cure has done a phenomenal job in marketing! That’s right. They are marketing geniuses!  They have figured out how to increase awareness, fundraise, and bring together a community of people that bring others in support of this fabulous cause. They have been relentless in partnering with other organizations that support breast cancer awareness and research and by connecting with their community in such a unique way, they have championed the cause for years.

They have done such a stellar job that they have found a way for everyone to somehow get involved in increasing the awareness. I was at the Hispanic Leadership Summit in Miami a few weeks back and we all received gorgeous pink pashminas to support the cause. Pandora Jewelry designed pink ribbon beads and a necklace. Even NFL players are wearing pink uniforms.

And, folks wear pink ribbons to support, honor, and remember. How powerful is that? Check out the pink ribbon story here, really cool!

We can learn a lot from this amazing cause. When you are passionate about what you do and never throw your arms up in the air with the excuses of lack of time or resources, look at the potential results. This organization has changed the lives of MILLIONS!

I hope this blog will not only move you to become involved in your community, but I also hope you take a few minutes to reflect. How can you compel your audience to champion your cause? What is it that you offer that can change the lives of your customers?