They don't miss me.


It is Saturday night and I am in SeaTac Airport in Seattle waiting for the red-eye back to Miami. I spent 5 days away from home – the longest I have ever been away from my husband and kids. And guess what? They don't miss me.

In a good way, that is. And, I am thrilled!

I spent a few days in Los Angeles and they were filled with mastermind sessions with one of my mentors, Ali Brown, and an amazing community of women entrepreneurs. I shot seven episodes of my web show, New Era Moms, with my co-hosts Nanny Stella Reid and Valeska Jacques. I had dinner with international speaker and leadership expert, Deborah Deras. And then off to Seattle where I addressed an amazing crowd of 300 at a conference.

I am living my dream. I cannot be happier! And each day, I would squeeze in a call home to check-in. The calls with my boys were quick and not very meaningful. No mushy I miss you's or when are you coming home? And while most of us would be disappointed, I am beyond happy!

You see, I find that this is a testament to the kick-ass job my husband and I are doing in raising our boys to be grounded and well-adjusted. They are also surrounded by so much love, they don't even notice when I am gone. Sure, they want to see me and can’t wait for the time that I get back, but their hearts are not aching for my return.

All that unnecessary guilt of “leaving” my family is so over.

I am not “leaving” them, and they are not “missing” me. The past five days are much more than just a few days away from home. They have contributed greatly to making me a better mom, wife, and entrepreneur.

Next time you have an amazing opportunity like the one I just had, be sure to go for it! I promise, you won’t regret it!