What should I give up?


Earlier this year, we had a family conversation about what we were all giving up for Lent. As Christians, we use Lent as a time to reflect and consider sacrificing one thing we really enjoy in our daily lives. My husband shared that he was giving up smoking cigars for all 40 days. “Wow, Papá!” shared my 6 year-old. “What are you giving up, Mamá?” he asked. My 8 year-old quickly jumped in, “I know what you should give up, Mamá. Give up work!” Ouch! Is that really what my kids think of me? That I enjoy my work like their dad enjoys cigars? I thought for sure he would have answered chocolate or cake. That answer really, really hurt.

And it got me thinking, why is it that my kids have that perception of me? The answer is simple. Because I have “flexibility,” my kids witness me working at all times of the day. My husband comes home from work and it’s all about the family; whereas, sometimes I have to answer a call or check email while at soccer practice or while they are doing homework.

And because I am a glass-half-full kinda girl, I took that opportunity to once again have a chat with my kiddos. I explained that I love to work, but that doesn’t mean I love them any less. I explained that they are a priority in my life. And because they are a priority, I work. I love what I do and that’s important. It also helps us afford the many perks they enjoy such as boating, traveling, and attending a private school.

Have you had a conversation with your kids lately? Have you shared with them how much they mean to you? If so, I want to hear about it!