"You're not an Entrepreneur."


Last summer, I made BIG changes to the business structure of my marketing firm, Chispa Marketing, Inc. I closed the office, went virtual, and turned my employees into contractors. I also fired a few clients and only kept the ones that I really felt valued our service while allowing us to make a difference in the growth of their business. It was a series of some of the toughest decisions I have EVER had to make in my life!

Recently, I had a rough talk with someone.

“You’re not an Entrepreneur,” she said to me. “You totally messed with a company that was making great money and profitable 6 years in a row. You're absolutely crazy.”

I was floored. Was she right? Had I totally just screwed up on something that had taken me more than 7 years of blood, sweat, and tears to build?

A few months have since passed and I can honestly tell you that I beg to differ. I am TOTALLY an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs take chances, have great visions, and follow their passion. And, that’s exactly what I wanted to do. I took a chance on restructuring Chispa Marketing so I can have fun with my BEST clients and start this new journey to empower women entrepreneurs to have it all. I also didn't care about making all the millions in the world at the sacrifice of my marriage or my family.

I was certainly at a crossroads last summer. And I am very proud of myself. Because like a good entrepreneur, I followed my heart and took a chance.

I share this very personal story of vulnerability, courage, and triumph to motivate you. What BIG decision do you need to take to make your business what YOU want it to be? GO FOR IT. I promise, you won't regret it.