Women business owners who
Support. Empower. Lift as we Climb.

Do you feel like a hamster on a wheel, living your life with constant stress, pressure, and guilt and are ready to grow your business while enjoying your true passions in life?

It’s time you learned how!

I know what you are going through, how you feel and can tell you exactly how to step off that hamster wheel and step into a life of freedom, flexibility, and fortune….

I’m Luly B. a family-first kinda girl who struggled for SEVEN years with my marketing firm to figure it all out. Now I mentor and coach other women business owners and show them how to grow their business in the way that makes sense for their families and themselves…all while still running my successful marketing business, growing my speaking and coaching practice, speaking around the country, and working less than 40 hours a week!

  • I make the same amount of money in half the amount of time I used to work.

  • I ditched the superhero cape and stopped trying to be perfect at everything.

  • I fired clients that didn’t value me or weren’t worth my time.

  • I learned that balance is bull$h!t and stopped trying to be everything to everyone.

I also...

  • Created my schedule around my priorities and enjoy flexibility to be with my family.

  • Developed systems in my businesses so I can focus on delivering more of my magic.

  • Choose my clients carefully and don’t take on every project that is offered to me.

It is an awesome way to truly tap into what you are passionate about and fine tune the things you do so that you can honor what you do and who you serve in an authentic and gracious way.
— Myra
The time spent with Luly and the other powerful women in her community - you just can’t put a price on. If you are looking to grow personally or start your own business, then this is the place for you. Luly masterfully crafts the perfect experiences for you to grow and thrive.
— Holly
This is a support group you never thought you would have. There are no words to describe how amazing this group and material Luly has created for us. It is a priceless investment
in yourself.
— Veronica
I am a part of many networking and women’s groups. But NONE can even come close to what Luly’s mastermind offers OR the quality of women that are in this group. This is a truly genuine, caring, non-competitive environment that I get more than I pay for out of it.
— Robin

Ready to BOOST?

I've learned that success isn't always about a bigger business, more clients, and spending 80 hours a week "working." It's about figuring out what to boost and when to boost it. I am back for the third year to take a small group of women on the journey of truly creating a business and life you LOOOOOVE!

BOOST MASTERMINDS WITH LULY B is a community of select women business owners just like you. We only want serious people who are ready to really grow their business and boost their connections, boost their profits, boost their impact!

  • Have you created the systems and processes to make it easy to scale and monetize your business?

  • Are you doing everything you can to have the business you really want?

  • Do you have the right team in place?

  • Do your potential clients understand your offering?

  • Are you presenting yourself and your business correctly online and offline?

  • Are you leaving the door open for your competitors to easily take your customers from you?

  • How much time should you spend doing marketing, finance, accounting, human resources, business development, and sales?

Why Mastermind With Me?

Chances are you're reading this because you're tired. You're overwhelmed with opportunities and choices. You're not sure how to share your gifts with the world. And, you want a business but you also want a LIFE. And you're having a hard time making the two work in a way that fulfills you.

I get it.

For years, I worked the 80-hour/week hustle, attached to my cel phone and email, and saying YES to everything and everyone that came my way. Swearing this is what it took to be successful. I grew an award-winning marketing agency on its way to being a million-dollar business by sweating, bleeding, and crying. Lots of crying.

I've been there, done that. Got the t-hirt...and the scars!

When I took the step back, invested in myself, and joined a powerful mastermind community, EVERYTHING CHANGED. I got the clarity, expertise, guidance and accountability I needed. I made bold, courageous choices. I prioritized. I tweaked. And I stopped hustling. 

You see, I realized I had a huge desire to help organizations leverage their expertise through marketing and business development. If I built a business around THAT, I would be SO MUCH MORE successful. And, the impact I could make would create a beautiful ripple affect into other women business owners, their communities and their families. 


So What is the BOOST Mastermind? 

As a small business owner, you need to be able to do more with less. That is why I created the BOOST Mastermind. With webinars, live training, brainstorm sessions, accountability partners, a private Facebook group and bi-weekly check-in calls, you've got everything you need to boost your business AND your life! 

  • Brainstorming sessions

  • Training on topics including sales, marketing, finance, systems, leadership, communications, networking and MORE

  • Quarterly strategy sessions to check-in on annual goals

  • Annual planning workshop

  • Private Facebook group

  • Monthly meet-ups called Cafe con Luly where we can hang out and create more powerful personal connections for one another