Myra Martinez

R Stars Project
(786) 202-7622

My name is Myra Martinez and I am ball of fire who seeks to spread love and fun wherever I go. I founded R STARS Project t in the spring of 2014. The purpose of the organization is to reward deserving high school seniors aka STARS (Seniors That Are Raising Standards), by gifting them an ultimate prom experience. Our STARS are pampered with all their prom needs and much more to honor their achievements. I strongly feel it is important to have teenagers actively involved in the community and social events in order to help build people skills. Senior Moments is a program where we connect high school seniors with senior citizens of the community in order to bridge the generation gap. We will recreate senior high school events for the senior citizens as well as coordinate interactive activities.The goal of these activities is to encourage students to be compassionate and prove that their choice to volunteer is one of importance and will make an impact on the community. 

Luly B