Thank you for investing in yourself and spending the day with me at SPARK. What a remarkable day! One of my favorite parts of SPARK was whem 27 women of FIU's Fostering Panther Pride demonstrated the power of "Ask for what you want," and they gathered enough courage to share their stories and the opportunities, items, and connections they were looking for. YOU answered that call by helping me raise more than $20,000 for this amazing program. You were also quick to make these powerful connections and my phone is still blowing up with your requests to help make this happen for each of these ladies. So, I went back to the ladies and requested their permission to share their contact information and asked them to share their ask in their own words. Below is the information we've compiled so you can start to connect directly. PLEASE keep us posted on your progress with them, we want to share in these amazing WINS! Appreciate you more than you will ever know!




Jorhdan Newbury
(813) 833-6580
Biomedical engineering
If anyone knows of any internships or possible connections to the biomedical engineering field. Even if it is working as a receptionist at a front desk. Anything to get the first world experience


Ivonne Chavez
(239) 658-4012
International Business
I asked for help obtaining health insurance, and a small portable tablet or laptop.

Kamila Regalado
(305) 414-9828
For experience in the medical field, especially to observe and learn from doctor-patient interactions, to gain experience and knowledge that will enhance my chances of being accepted at FIU's medical graduate school. I also asked for therapy, to overcome mental/emotional barriers from my past from interfering with my future and potential for success.


Ke-ana Durham
(786) 832-7335
Social Work with a certificate in Public Policy, but I plan to get my J.D. for graduate school


Kimberly Scott
(305) 748-7528
An internship at a company or school where I can gain valuable experience as an English major.


Maria Hurtado
(954) 449-5844
Biology (pre-Med)
I'm a pre-Med student and would like to specialize in surgery, either trauma, cardio thoracic, or pediatric. Thanks to my SPARKler, I was connected with a periodontist and am now working the front desk of his practice. They offer a flexible schedule with school and I love it! I am still interested in shadowing surgeons, pediatricians or any doctor in the emergency room.


Mitchele Muzalier
(786) 614-9700
I would like to volunteer/shadow at a pharmacy in a hospital setting or in a privately owned pharmacy.


Patricia Etienne
(239) 682-6375
Travel and Tourism: The program is already paid for ($1,011) and I recently purchased my flight ticket there ($340). However, the funds I initially secured to pay for housing ($500), my food and incidentals ($500), and my flight back home ($350) turned out to be less than I originally thought and did not cover these outstanding expenses. I leave the May 19th for the Prague program.


Susan H La
(786) 262-9836
Fine Arts
For Andromeda Studio to receive commissions and to make a name for myself as an artist.


Tamara Telfort
(786) 333-7168
Interdisciplinary Studies
Camera, sewing machine (already received, WOO HOO!), and connections for acting.

Amber Mannings
(601) 307-6724
Political Science
I want to thank every woman who came to SPARK (including Luly) because I have been forever empowered by this event. I am now a sophomore at FIU studying political science, with aspirations of becoming a criminal lawyer. I ask for an internship or a chance to shadow a politician or perhaps an attorney who handles criminal cases. Also, I ask for a MacBook, but i am grateful for any computer that I may receive, since mine recently crashed.


Andrea Jones
(305) 316-1728
Hospitality Management
Clientele for my business. I offer professional make-up services and I also create edible party favors, such as candy apples, chocolate-covered strawberries, cupcakes and cake.


Ashley Brooks
(954) 391-3560
Hospitality Management- Event Management
I would like a laptop as well as an opportunity to shadow or intern with someone in the Hospitality industry specifically dealing with events and event management.


Ashley Franklin
(305) 384-8650
an internship at a hospital

Claudia Gourdet
(786) 541-4960
Information Technology-Software Track
Assistant covering the cost of housing or a place to stay near Chantilly, VA for potential internship(June 2017 -August 2017:TBA) or Assistant with finding affordable housing in Miami or Broward County area by September 1, 2017.


Deneis Oscary
(786) 923-7103
I would like a shadowing position in a nursing pediatric unit/NICU. Thank you!


Erykah Jackson
(904) 315-8909
Criminal justice
Internship or Shadowing position at a health care law firm


Franchesca Gonzalez
(954) 232-9366
Communications Major
My ask would be for an opportunity to have a mentor that would lead me in the right direction of owning my own business and starting up a blog that's intended to encourage young women like myself. Of course for a blog, a laptop is necessary, so I'd also like help buying a laptop.


Ivonne Chavez
(239) 658-4012
International Business: On stage, I asked for helping obtaining health insurance and a tablet or small laptop, that is extremely portable.