Become a SPARKLER and help me lead the way
in this extraordinary event for extraordinary women!


What a SPARKLER will do:

  • Share the great news about SPARK with your community
  • Post on social media, send out emails, and make phone calls to find awesome women to attend SPARK
  • Act as a table facilitator on the day of the event
  • Sell 5 tickets to SPARK with Luly B.*


What a SPARKLER gets for being so awesome:

  • A free ticket to the event for yourself
  • Be recognized as a member of our host committee, greet guests and be a source of powerful, positive energy for our guests
  • The opportunity to make money for each ticket you sell after selling your first 5 tickets
  • Be positioned as a leader among the hundreds of women in attendance
  • A full playbook of content you can use when sharing all about SPARK 2018, including sample social media posts, email samples, graphics and more!
  • The opportunity for Luly B. to speak at your event, shoot a video with you, host a webinar or happy hour for your community as you share SPARK 2018.
  • Recognition from Luly B. on the stage at the event
  • Recognition in participant workbook
  • A special surprise that you will wear the day of the event so everyone knows you are fabulous!
  • PLUS!!!! A VIP shopping experience at The Falls or Dadeland with exclusive gifts and deals
*credit will not be given for tickets sold to anyone who has been or is currently enrolled in any of Luly B's programs

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