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In her vivacious keynote addresses and powerful workshops, the feisty Cuban-American provides practical solutions and actionable advice as she takes a bold approach to lead working women in the balance boycott and rid themselves of the guilt, self-doubt, and fear that inhibits them from leading the happy lives they so badly desire and deserve. She shares anecdotes and metaphors that provide the audience with valuable perspective…all while getting them pumped to make the best of their day and their LIFE!


Speaking & training topics include...


“i quit”: 4 reasons why more women need to stop achieving and start quitting

In a time where more is considered more, women are feeling the overwhelming pressure to achieve more, do more, and accomplish more. Luly will share her own personal struggles with feeling like she needed to do more in order to be worthy of love, validation and success. She will share how we can shift the conversation from “doing” to “being” by quitting more. Quitting our limiting beliefs. Quitting our toxic relationships. Quitting our long, unrealistic to-do lists. Luly will share perspective and tips on how we can be more successful by quitting so we can experience more joy.

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In this powerful talk, Luly explores the definition of passion and living on purpose. She offers tips on how to give yourself permission, prioritize, and plan to have the life you want and deserve. She also provides perspective on how you can pursue your passion at work and at home as well and even shares its effects on your own happiness and the happiness of your loved ones. You’ll also experience a powerful exercise that battles negative thoughts and replaces them with empowering ones.

Balance is Bull$h!t: 7 Steps to Boycotting Balance and Living Life on Your Terms

Women are constantly hunting for work/life balance. According to Luly B, Balance is Bull$h!t. In this interactive talk based on her audio series, Luly B. exposes some hard truths about her failed attempts to be everything to everyone all the time…all in the name of “work/life balance.” She offers practical solutions to getting over the guilt, accepting help, and discovering your own priorities while creating your very own definition of success. Luly B also offers actionable advice and practical solutions to help you forget balance and live the life you deserve!


How to be more Relatable, Irresistible and Unstoppable in Your Business, Career and Beyond

How is it that Luly worked with some of the top brands in the world by the age of 30? Luly B. shares what she realized magnetized her clients and most valuable connections. She offers tips on how to be more relatable when networking, selling, and interacting with others in professional and personal settings. These tips are sure to make you more irresistible to work with and even more unstoppable in achieving your goals!


Being our BEST without Saying “Perdón” (for Latinas)

We love to give, but we also fall into the “compromiso” trap. We are confident, but don’t want to be perceived as “pesada.” We are proud of living in the United States, but also love being Latina. Luly B. will help you make yourself a priority without feeling guilty, be confident without feeling cocky, and leverage our beautiful heritage to contribute in big ways. She’ll teach you how to fuse your talents, gifts, and “pasión” to being your BEST self and celebrating it!

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My personal struggle with balance

You're not gonna believe what I found myself saying about balance. Check out this snippet from my talk at the Women's Success Summit, "Balance is Bull$h!t: 7 Steps to Boycotting Balance & Living Life on Your Terms."

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